Annual Press Conference of Audi AG in Ingolstadt:

Annual Press Conference of Audi AG in Ingolstadt.

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Motorway bridge over the Lahn valley.

The new motorway bridge over the Lahn valley will become 420 meters long, 62 meters high, 43 meters wide and runs alongside Limburg. The construction work of the bridge will be finished in 2017, its approximately cost will be 100 million Euros.


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VW Beetle

The Käfer-Station in Mühlheim is the destination of many VW Beetle owner who are searching support for their beloved automobiles. Since 1998 Marcus Jung and Stefan Klotz are running their garage not only for customers that are from their main catchment area within an radius of 200 kilometers but also for customers that often have a much longer journey.


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Auto skulpture park

The auto skulpture park in Neandertal close to Düsseldorf is a museum of fifty automobiles with construction year 1950 that Michael Fröhlich has parked there as a gift for his fiftieth birthday.

Audi TT

Presentation of the new Audi TT in an especially for this purpose builded hall at the ground of the new European Quater close the Frankfurt faireground.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

HK Engineering in Polling is the only company worldwide dedicated solely to the restoration of the exclusively valuable Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.